Hedge your bets

It's officially happening. I'm exhausted. I'm nauseous every time I bend over to pick something up. I'm clumsy, so inevitably I drop said thing and I'm forced to bend over again to retrieve it a second time. My boobs are sore and swollen.

In other words, I'm pregnant.

Last week I had my beta. It's a blood test that determines your HCG. For comparison, last time with Lloyd, I got a 24, which is low. So low, they told me not to get my hopes up. And I was pregnant with twins. This time? At 15 dpo, I was 469.

Four hundred and sixty nine.

What does this mean? Nothing really. It can be an indicator of multiples. But that's not always the case. Two days later, at 17 dpo, my beta came back at 1000. High? Sure. If you Google it, you'll find a terrifying chart that indicates my numbers are the average levels for a woman carrying triplets. That's three babies. Three tiny humans currently each the size of an apple seed could be taking up residence.

But if we believed everything Google told us, we would go crazy.

We knew multiples were a possibility going into this. And we've agreed that we can handle whatever we are given.

Now, you might be thinking "wow, she's so calm. This chick is crazy." But you have to see it from my perspective.

I've been confirmed pregnant three times. And I've had three miscarriages. The odds are not in our favor. I've never been pregnant and not had a loss.

Lloyd is our miracle. Both he and his twin sister were genetically tested and perfectly healthy and we still lost her. Lloyd is the little embryo that could. Out of the 44 embryos we've made, he's the only one who has ever stuck around.

Until now, we hope.

My husband and I both feel like being pregnant with multiples will hopefully increase our odds of one sticking it out till the end.

Remember, these embryos were not tested. We don't know who is healthy. We don't know how many are in there. And we don't know if this pregnancy will last.

At least one of these questions will be answered on Wednesday. This Wednesday we go in for our very first ultrasound. I'm only five weeks pregnant, so we won't see much. But we will hopefully see a tiny sac that houses our future child. Or two sacs. Or.... three.

So hedge your bets. Sac it to me people. How many do you think we have in there?

I'll let you know on Wednesday.

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