Vegas babies, VEGAS

After my discovered subchronic hematoma and prescribed bedrest, I did what any pregnant woman would do. I went to Vegas.

We dropped the toddler off with Grandma and Grandpa and arrived in the City of Sin in style. Just me, my twins, my hematoma, my minivan, and my husband. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So, I probably shouldn't give away any details, but it’s safe to say it involved me watching a lot of HGTV and playing board games. We left the hotel room twice in four days. It was magical.

I'm not sure if it was the smoke wafting through the air, or the high you get from all the drunk tourists, but I didn't have too much morning sickness that trip. In fact, I was feeling much better. I didn't dry heave once.

The day before we left, I got the call from my Doctor. The blood test results were in. BOTH BABIES ARE HEALTHY.

Honestly, I had been preparing myself for other news. I figured our odds of both being healthy given our track record was slim to none. I was over the moon, in shock, elated and flat out flabbergasted. The doctor also let us know that an XY chromosome was detected. Meaning? There is at least one baby boy in there, maybe two. We won't know the gender on the second till the 20-week scan. Eight more weeks to go...

With the "healthy babies" news and the morning sickness behind me, we were excited to see our son. We agreed we would tell him about the pregnancy once we heard back about the blood work. We didn't want to promise him two babies if there was a chance one wasn't strong enough to survive.

Lloyd was happy to see us, but not so thrilled about the idea of going home with us. He wanted to stay with Grandma and Ppat. In the four short days we had been away, they took him to see Disney on Ice, play at an arcade where he won 67 tickets playing air hockey, they bought him pizza and light up Lightening McQueen shoes, made him pancakes every morning and the list went on. I get it, kid. I wouldn't want to leave either. But off we went.

The next morning, all three of us were cuddling and we broke the news to Lloyd. We told him he was going to have not just one baby, but TWO.

His response, in all his toddler glory, "No. FIVE babies."

Just the thought of five babies at age 37 brought the nausea back with a vengeance. Still, we laughed and went back and forth "-two-FIVE-two-FIVE-." Lloyd found this new game hilarious. He also let me know he would be having one brother and one sister.

Lloyd has been ridiculously sweet about the whole thing. He is very excited about HIS babies. He kisses them goodnight, he asks to see them. When we go out to the park, he'll walk up to a stranger, pat my belly and say "there's two babies in there. My babies in there."

It's enough to make this hormonal, soon-to-be mother of three, cry.

Of course, almost anything is enough to make me cry these days.

I went to see my regular OB for a follow-up once we were back in town. Both babies looked great AND he believes my hematoma is actually a "Placental Lake." These kids are 50% Wisconsin; leave it to them to surround themselves with a lake.

The doctor explained that, while a hematoma blocks the blood flow, a placental lake allows the blood to flow through to the baby. He made it sound positive and I decided not to Google it this time. I have no real info on it, except that it's better than a hematoma. I'll take it!

So, it would seem as though we hit the jackpot in Vegas. We found out our babies are healthy and living on lakefront property. My son is thrilled with the news of becoming a big brother and I have entered Week 12 of this pregnancy.

What happens in Week 12? Well, the vocal cords are fully formed. They can finally sing along with Mama to her favorite show tunes. And they are urinating periodically. I'm taking it as a sign to sing “Urinetown” with the kiddos. It is a privilege to pee, after all.

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