Under Pressure

Saturday I drove my husband and son to the airport. The night before, my toddler had taken me on a tour of his room, showing me everything he wanted "the babies to play with" while he was away. It was adorable. As I tucked him in to bed, he whispered to my belly "don't come out before I get back, babies." I may have shed a tear, I was so touched.

The next morning at the airport is when the real waterworks began. I tried to squeeze all the hugs and kisses I could from them at the departure terminal, but my son was already off and running, eager to fly on a "huge plane" and my husband was chasing behind him.

The next few days were incredibly mellow. I had a few photoshoots. Got some editing done. Finally finished all of Gilmore Girls. I was bored. But I was on bedrest, that's the idea isn't it?

Despite my breezy week alone while my boys were off frolicking in the lovely 6 degree Wisconsin weather, my blood pressure seems to have risen to an alarming number.

I've been checking it at home after a high reading at my last appointment. Yesterday it was 187/100 with a pulse rate of 122 beats per minute. I can barely get my heart rate up to 122 beats going all out on the elliptical.

I knew it was bad, and Google told me anything over 180 meant a visit to the ER, mostly likely staying in hospital until it was fixed. I was scheduled to pick my boys up from the airport and couldn't stand to go another minute without seeing them.

So, I ignored it. I know ... bad. Bad me. Bad mom. Bad.

But my high risk OB appointment was scheduled for the following morning and I knew he would figure it all out then. Plus, I got a whole night of cuddles from my boys. That's got to be good for my blood pressure, right?

Today was the appointment. As expected, my BP reading was high. Somewhere in the 160s. Thankfully, both babies looked good and my hematoma/placental lake is GONE! They could see Baby B clearly. Definitely a boy. Baby A, however, was being much more dramatic, flipping itself upside down and basically upstaging his/her brother in every shot by having his/her rear shoved in poor Baby B's face.

I take this whole dramatic, upstaging thing as a sign that it could be a girl. But we won't know for another four weeks when I go back in to the specialist for another scan. I included a 3D scan below. Baby A, I've circled in yellow and given a blue eye and pink smile (remember he/she is upside down). You can see Baby A's tush pressed up against Baby B's chin as Baby A kicks baby B in the face.

Poor Baby B. He may need therapy by the time he's out. All you can see of Baby B is his little head, outlined in blue. I gave him a green eye and another whorish smile. Dan thinks I've made our children look like scary clowns in this outline, but without my artistry, it's hard to know what you're looking at here.

That's the scoop. This week I've lost a hematoma, regained the men in my life, and learned how to take my blood pressure on a little machine at home. I can't wait to see what next week holds....

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