With Beyoncé announcing she is pregnant with twins and George and Amal Clooney following suit, it would seem as though twins are in fashion this season. Madonna even adopted twin girls. So, for the first time in my life, I'm trending. Or depending on everyone's due dates, I could BE the trendsetter.

This pregnancy has been so much harder than my previous one(s). These babies are kicking my ass. I was promised by my doctors that the morning sickness would subside after the first trimester, which it did.

And then the raging sicknesses and momsomnia began. Momsomnia is a word I've given this cruel joke of not being able to sleep in one position for more than 45 minutes. It's insomnia prep for moms-to-be. Mother Nature's cruel way of preparing you for the fact that you may never sleep again.

On top of the momsomnia, I've managed to be sick for the last three weeks, effectively ruining my second trimester. This is supposed to be my time to glow, have renewed energy and run through a meadow of daisies. Instead I've had a terrible cough and a tendency to get light-headed. I couldn't walk through the meadow without passing out. Apparently, my immune system has completely abandoned me to go off and help make these two tiny humans.

Speaking of the tiny humans, it's been a while since I've seen them. Two weeks, to be exact. For a high-risk woman of advanced maternal age like myself, it feels like a lifetime. I was assured at my 14-week appointment that these babies are here to stay and thus I didn't need the weekly checkups this trimester. I'm scheduled to see my regular OB on Wednesday and my high-risk specialist on the 21st, when hopefully, we will find out the sex of mysterious Baby A.

I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant. I feel both like it's flown by and as if I've been pregnant forever. I've been told to prepare for full bedrest by 28 weeks, so, I'm going to need everyone's suggestions for the best shows to stream and some delicious crock pot recipes.

Until then, I'll be over here nesting, coughing and listening to my little ones making thump-a-thump noises on the fetal heart monitor I ordered from Amazon, because no matter how many times I'm assured that these babies are here to stay and healthy, those two little heartbeats are this paranoid pregnant mama’s greatest comfort.

A special shout out to my set designer/photo bomber, Lloyd, who showered me with kisses the whole shoot and made sure, no matter what, he was in the shot.

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