Milking it

April was a pretty quiet month over here, pregnancy wise. And rather than blogging, photographing or documenting the journey, I decided to enjoy the uneventful days. It's a novelty we know is for a limited time only.

Instead, I took some time to prep for the babies’ pending arrival. We got the nursery/master bedroom completed thanks to Frank Astran Designs. He's a genius I tell you. Genius. I hope the babies are as cute as their room.

I even went and scouted a new photo location with my ridiculously talented photographer friend Mallery, of Mallery Kellogg photography. And while we were in the neighborhood, she took some awesome pictures of the bump! Thanks Mal!

I popped in to see my lactation consultant as a preemptive strike against my previous poor milk supply. I'd forgotten how many shits you don't give about being exposed while breastfeeding. Looking back, I spent most of my early days nursing Lloyd, topless, wandering around my house foraging for food and water with a tiny human attached to a boob. It wasn't pretty. So when I saw the lactation consultant and she asked me to take off my top and started milking me like a cow, it took a minute for me to get back in the swing of things. I'm happy to report, milk did come out. Will it be enough? Only time will tell. But I felt better having checked that off my to do list.

In fact, I felt like I was accomplishing quite a lot. I even saw my regular OB, who assured me all looked well after a quick scan. We discussed the fact that I've been having some Braxton Hicks contractions. And lately, I've begun leaking fluid. Quite a lot of fluid. He sent me home with some test strips that could identify if it was amniotic fluid, which would be worst case scenario, but told me that "on the bright side, you could just be peeing yourself without realizing it."

Oh the joys of pregnancy! I used a test strip that night after depositing a large amount of fluid on the couch. The green strip turned bright yellow. Yup. I'm peeing myself. Lovely.

The next day, my husband noticed another rather large wet spot I deposited after a serious bout of contractions. I was hesitant to test despite his urging, sure that I'd just peed again and wanting to spare myself the humiliation. However, this time we got a dark blue color. Dark blue means amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid means my waters may have broken, or at best, one has a slow leak. I was instructed to head straight to the hospital.

I was met with excitement since, by looking at me, most people guessed I was in labor and full term. But 27.5 weeks is still too early to have these babies. I was playing it cool. But I was nervous. I was wheeled up to Labor & Delivery, a routine I've become familiar with. Some awesome nurses came in and stuck some cotton swabs and a speculum up my hoo-hah while we exchanged some witty banter. Test came back negative for amniotic fluid. YAY! And the nurses best response to my question regarding what exactly the fluid was... "Vaginas are weird".

Agreed lady. Agreed.

But I need to give my lady bits credit where credit is due. I discovered at my high-risk specialist today that both babies are measuring large. Walter is a whopping 3.3 pounds and Mabel is weighing in a 2.13 pounds. Surprising numbers for twins, I'm told, but not all that surprising, given Lloyd's 9.5 pound, 23 inch frame at birth. My cervix, despite having almost 6 pounds of baby, plus double that in fluid and placentas, is holding strong at a "gorgeous" 4.4. The Previa is GONE.

So, to recap: I'm currently winning at this whole pregnancy thing. Sure I'm peeing myself, my boobs are leaking and I'm getting punched in the vagina by my babies. But I'm calling it a win. And I'm gonna milk this for all I can.

I'm still supposed to be on modified bed rest only due to these contractions that seem to kick in if I'm too active. And yes, at this point I'm getting a lot of "due any day now?" comments, to which I smile sweetly and answer “no, no I’m not.”

But my babies are healthy. My cervix is holding. My complications are clearing. I'm totally 100% WINNING! Or should we say TWINNING?

Lastly, Lloyd told me the story of how the babies will arrive and we decided to make a little fun stop motion video of his version, "When Mommy Has Twins". Let's hope things go as smoothly as he predicts.

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