Save The Date

I'll officially be 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow! This pregnancy has taken quite a turn and suddenly we find ourselves in the home stretch with two healthy (and apparently huge) babies. We even set a date for the C-Section. Drumroll please.......July 17th, 2017 at 7am. Apparently we like lucky number 7?

Honestly, I don't think the babies will wait that long. These kiddos are growing fast and kicking furiously. My Doctors say anytime after 36 weeks is totally acceptable and (hopefully) should mean no NICU time will be needed. If I can make it to July, then they are free to come whenever they like and no one is going to try and stop them.

Who knows, maybe these firecrackers will decide to declare their independence and come out on the 4th of July?

I had a few appointments this week and everything is on track. Mabel is weighing in at 4.10lbs and still shoved down on my cervix as her brother, Walter who weighed in at 4.11lbs, does backflips above her and punches me in the ribs daily. My cervix and I would love for Mabel to move up a little. I've whispered to her more than once "nobody puts baby in a corner". But she seems happy there and clearly Walter needs all the womb for his acrobatics.

Speaking of the not-so-little man, we got a good 3D ultrasound of Walter at the specialist yesterday. He looks a lot like Lloyd did, only more cramped. His little face is squished against the sac and he's got a foot in his face.

Mabel, however, seems to understand the importance of making a dramatic entrance and is holding steady, head down on the cervix, ensuring she'll be the first to enter this world and at the same time thwarting all our attempts at a photo before her big arrival.

I've had a lot of people ask about the birth and why I'll be having a c-section. Bottom line: I have to.

I would love to have an all natural vaginal delivery. I also would've loved to have gotten pregnant naturally. Heck, I would have loved having a pregnancy free of crazy complications. And I wouldn't mind a high functioning metabolism, I digress. But my job as mother to these children is to listen to my Doctors and do what's right for these babies. Even if it isn't my first choice.

My uterus has been through a lot. A myomectomy in my 20's for a fibroid so large I had to see 3 separate specialists before I found one even willing to attempt to remove my basketball sized fibroid via a myomectomy instead of performing a hysterectomy. A myomectomy is basically a C-section. Only instead of delivering a bundle of joy, they remove a benign tumor. And because mine was so large, they had to carve the fibroid out in chunks and piece me back together. I was warned then and there that due to the amount of scar tissue I had, getting pregnant could be nearly impossible and no matter what, my frankenuterus could not withstand the stress of labor.

But nevertheless, a decade later we prevailed and procreated. After a long journey with infertility which involved miscarriages and D&C's and retrievals and hormone injections, etc., my uterus was finally housing a human! But I found myself somehow still wishing my body could handle a vaginal birth.

Why can't I do just one thing right?

While pregnant I watched a documentary series called "The business of being Born" that pushes for natural, vaginal births and demonizes c-sections. They share stories from women like Molly Ringwald, who herself apparently had a myomectomy for a fibroid and went on to have a healthy vaginal birth...Against her doctor's wishes of course.

It made me feel like crap. Like I was somehow going to be less of a mother if I didn't push this baby out of my vag.

For a moment, I considered fighting my doctor and pushing (pun intended) for a vaginal birth. I'm glad I didn't. As it turns out, my dr was right (go figure). Not only was I being selfish, but having a vaginal birth would have put me and my baby at risk. I was in labor for about 3 hours before my csection. Contracting but not pushing, I dilated quickly, as they set up the room and I waited my turn. They rolled me back to the OR and 6 minutes later Lloyd was born. After the delivery, as I held my son in my arms, my dr told me that when they opened me up, he found a small tear in my uterus. Had I pushed, it could have ruptured which in turn could have killed me and the baby.

So, good for you Ricki Lake and Molly Ringwald and all you other fabulous miracle mother's who did things as "nature intended". But I'm gonna go with my Doctor on this one and this time around I'm not going to let anybody make me feel guilty about it.

Modern medicine and science got us here. And they are gonna help us bring these babies home. And it's happening on (or before) July 17th.

So, save the date. Get ready for cuteness overload people. This family of three is gonna be five in six short weeks.

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